No matter how many times I say it, Rey keeps repeating the same error over and over again. So I have decided to write a post that keeps everything pure and simple, so that I (hopefully) won’t have to say this again.

Calvinism does not teach that sovereignty is the same as micromanagement. Calvinism does not teach that God is a Hollywood screenwriter who has written a screenplay that becomes life as we know it. Calvinism does not teach any of that stuff! Yet Rey continues to repeat these same errors over and over again.

What Calvinism does teach is that God has an eternal decree, from the beginning of time, that everything that would happen does happen. This can be either positive or negative, or some shade between.

If this decree is positive, it means that God declares what is going to happen, he purposes it and does it.

If the decree is negative, it means that God allows something to happen. Orthodox Calvinism views evil this way: it isn’t something that God positively does, it is something that he negatively allows for his own unsearchable purpose.

Hyper-Calvinism, on the other hand, does view evil as something that God creates in the life of the sinner. I’m no hyper-Calvinist.

There are many gradations in the action of foreordaining. It can be a positive thing that God purposes and does, or it can be a negative thing that God allows. It may also fall in-between the two extremes in a way that we don’t understand this side of eternity. God either purposefully does something, or purposefully allows something to happen. Either way, he is foreordaining it in a sense, and not micromanaging every detail.

So, please, Rey, stop repeating the error that I’m teaching that God micromanages everything. In fact, I have explicitly written against it in this latest series of posts sparring with you.

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  1. “What Calvinism does teach is that God has an eternal decree, from the beginning of time, that everything that would happen does happen.”

    So, Calvinism teaches that God is the author and finisher of evil, thus making sin no longer sin but transforming it into obedience, and hence Calvinism is the most supremely evil position a person can take in theology.

  2. I’ve stumbled on the perfect phrase to explain Calvinism: “God’s the author of evil, but you didn’t hear it from me, wink wink.” It is perfect, because Calvinists do teach that God is the author of evil–everything they say says exactly that, yet they constantly protest saying that they are misunderstood. If they are misunderstood, its on purpose. They want to be able to say God is evil and yet also claim they don’t say it, just like a gossipy Grandma who tells you that “ole so and so is pregnant out of wedlock–but you didn’t hear it from.” She wants to tell you the gossip but also to be able to hide the fact that she said it! That’s EXACTLY what Calvinism is.

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