Daily Archives: May 6, 2009

Rey and Inconsistency

I’ve generally found that anyone arguing against the doctrines of grace is forced to be very inconsistent. This would be because they are arguing against biblical truth, so if they remain consistent they would be forced to accept Calvinism.

Rey, an anti-Calvinist commenter on this blog, has just demonstrated inconsistency in his latest post. Rey says that God will read Psalm 119:108 to each Calvinist before casting them into the lake of fire.

That would mean that Rey accepts Psalm 119:108 as inerrant biblical truth. But, elsewhere, Rey has said this about the Psalms:

David’s prayers are his personal opinion except when they are Messianic prophecies. They are only inspired in the sense of being accurate historical accounts of what he prayed. (source, emphasis added)

Guess what, Rey? Psalm 119:108 is not a messianic prophecy, so it cannot be used (according to you) in that way. It is just David’s personal opinion, only an accurate rendering of what he prayed at the time.

Bottom line: You can’t have it both ways. Either the psalms are inspired Scripture, or they are not. Which is it?

Here’s a New Spin on an Old Debate

Rey, who also goes by Beowulf2k8, has been challenging me on how free our free wills really are. Being Reformed, I hold that God can and does influence our free wills for good and for ill. Rey believes that if God influences us in that way, that we are not truly guilty of committing sin.

Let’s back a step up and look at this from a different perspective. John Piper, still thoroughly Reformed, has a different take here. Piper wonders, “Does God lead us into temptation?”

Piper feels that God guides our every step (Prv 20:24). The same Scripture that asks God not to lead us into temptation (Mt 6:13) also says that God doesn’t tempt us (Jms 1:13). He wouldn’t, but he doesn’t have to. As it turns out, every step we take is a temptation to do wrong. God leads us through temptations (cf. Mt 4:1), but he doesn’t tempt us.

Each temptation that God leads us through is an opportunity to glorify him by doing the Christian thing: not yielding to the temptation. Don’t pray for a life free of temptations. That’s unrealistic. Pray instead that you won’t yield to the temptations that will come your way.