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Show #7: More Tough Questions Answered

I’m late posting this. Sorry. I’m actually annoyed with myself.

I was ahead of the game this week. I had the answers to the questions recorded by Tuesday. I added a lengthy segment on whether or not Christians are seeking to deny civil rights to homosexuals. (You have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom from illegal searches and seizures, freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, verdict by jury of peers, right to keep and bear arms, and . . .  marriage? Since when is marriage a civil right????)

All of that was done by Thursday morning. I was quite proud of myself.

Then I never edited the show together until just now. I’m a bit irritated with myself. I was ahead of the game all week, and then just . . . Dropped. The. Ball. So, here’s the show. Enjoy!

Show #6: More Questions for Christians

My most recent podcast is now up! Most of it consists of a new set of tough questions for Christians, but I also address Chris Hallquist’s statement on sin found here. Typical for atheists, Chris’s view of sin is too simplistic. There’s a better, more nuanced view of sin that better explains how Christians view sin.

Here’s the show.

Show #5: Didn’t Think I’d Get it Up in Time!

As the title suggests, I really didn’t think I’d get this show up in time. All I had was a rant on the 2010 Consensus Statement on Morality as of yesterday evening. Normally, I have more done than that, since I work on podcasts a little at a time throughout the week. So, during the course of Thursday afternoon, I managed to answer two of the six questions that I had on the docket despite having my kids with me. I finished up the remainder of the questions and did the promised rebuttals to Doug Crews after everyone went to bed.

Unfortunately, the answers that I offered to some of the questions are superficial and I didn’t provide background links to supplemental material that would help the listener understand better. I promised at the end of this show to get more motivated in answering the comments, so I will do that–because my answers are probably going to be pretty open to rebuttal from skeptics. I’ll be more ready in the comments to answer.

Here’s the show.

Show #4: Questions for Christians IIa

I’ve decided to try to do a podcast each week, on Friday. I seem to have enough material. Today’s episode rebuts Doug Crews on the first question from his list that I covered in two parts last week. Then I move on to some more questions, this time from our “friends” at The list in question was written in 2003, but I’m betting that none of the questions have been satisfactorily answered–at least in the opinion of the ex-Christians on that site–so I decided to take a crack. As usual, I’ve sent an e-mail to the original author of the list to invite a response.

I’ve sent out an open invitation on Facebook to any LOCAL Christians who would like to give some answers to upcoming questions I’m planing on covering. Let’s face it, my voice gets old after a while. Hopefully I get some takers!

Anyway, you can download this week’s episode here. I hope you enjoy!

Show #3: Tough Questions for Christians I, Part B

Yesterday, I posted part A of my new podcast.

Without any further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I present to you the one, the only, Paaaaaart B!

I know you were losing sleep waiting for this. Enjoy!

Show #3: Tough Questions for Christians I

Well, after over two years of radio silence, I decided to throw my hat into the podcasting ring once again. Rather than start over again, I’ll start from where I left off, which makes this show #3. In keeping with the theme of my YouTube videos, I’ll be fielding tough questions for Christians from various atheists.

The show schedule I’ve cooked up is to post a show on the 15th and the 30th of each month. I plan to continue that at least to the end of the year. Then I’ll make the decision to continue podcasating in 2011. Unfortunately, I’m posting the first show (intended for Sept. 30) late. Hopefully, I can get my act together and post the next ones on time.

First on the block is an answer to Douglas Crews, who wrote nine questions many, many years ago. His website is some kind of prehistoric blog, back in the days before the term was coined or the software existed.

You can download part one of the program here. It ran long, so I’ll be posting part 2 tomorrow.

I gave some URLs on the program for reference. Here they are, nice and clickable, to make things easier on the person who wants to research further into what I’m covering on the show:

My podcasting plan is to do two shows per month, on the 15th and the 30th. The next show will be October 15th and will cover some more tough questions for Christians that were posted on back in 2003. Nothing like staying current, right?


Last February, I did two podcasts that generated no interest whatsoever. I thought I’d take the time to repost them, now that they are downloadable from the Web, to see if they generate any interest this time.

Show #1 was on the Tom Cruise Scientology speech that scared a lot of people. I gave a Christian reaction and contrasted Scientology with Christianity. Download here. Download here.

Show #2 was on women in the Bible, and how the Bible uplifts rather than denigrates women. I thought this one would generate much interest, but so far nothing. Download here. Download here.

If you like the shows, let me know either in a comment below or fire off an e-mail to If I get enough interest generated, I might start podcasting again. I had fun with it, but there was no sense in doing it for an audience of none.

No More Podcasting

I regret to announce that Josiah Cast is officially done and over with.  I was going to do one more episode, where I answered Sean Hutton’s comment on my Catholic Mass article, however due to time constraints I am not going to be able to do that episode.

I enjoyed podcasting, so I will definitely bring Josiah Cast back in the near future.  Right now, with returning to school, working, fatherhood, and other ministry commitments, it isn’t feasible to continue podcasting.

As for the response to Sean Hutton, I will craft a written response in the early portion of next week, after I finish dissecting Rook Hawkins’s “Which Jesus: A Legend with a Multiple Personality Disorder?”  I plan to delve into Rook’s article about the apostle Paul after that.

My answer to “Which Jesus?” will be up a little later than expected.  I had to do more background reading than I thought.  It’s still a fairly easy article to tackle once the underlying presupposition is taken care of.

Show #2: Women in the Bible

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Better late than never, right?  Josiah Cast is all about women in the Bible this week.  I show how the Bible is used to elevate women rather than denigrate them.  I forgot to mention some website resources at the close of the program, so instead I’ll provide the links below.  As usual, if you want a copy of the show e-mail me to make download arrangements.  I’m still having difficulty finding a good host for the podcast. You may download the show here.


Show #1: Tom Cruise Video

I worked so hard to get the final podcast product set to go that I neglected to find a way to distribute it.  The final size is to big for Yahoo-GeoCities and WordPress won’t allow MP3 uploads without a paid upgrade.

So, for right now, if anyone would like to listen to the first podcast, please drop me an e-mail and I will send it to you.  The final size is 19 Mb, so you’ll need to make sure that your mail reader will support something that large.

Thank you for your patience.  I will find a distribution method for the podcast very soon!

A late update: I did get this thing distributed, finally. Download the show here.