Daily Archives: May 1, 2009

Who Has the Higher View of God?

The age-old problem is that if God has an eternal decree, then how is it possible that man has a free will? And yet both are taught in Scripture, so it must be the case that this is somehow true. Rey, also calling himself Beowulf2k8, makes light of this whole issue in a response to a video theologian John Calvin did for me here.

What Rey reveals is a low view of Scripture and a low view of God’s sovereignty. I know that Rey has a low view of Scripture based on this post, in which he claims that the Bible contains a contradiction. Instead of resolving it, Rey gives more weight to James because James wasn’t an adulterer or a murderer (as David quite clearly was). That’s the easy way out. The more difficult way out is to try to figure out what the proper way to understand both texts together would be.

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John Calvin Discusses Rey’s Errors

Rey, otherwise known as Beowulf2k8, is back on my blog again with more commentary designed to convince us that Calvinism is of the devil. Well, I found out that John Calvin himself is doing YouTube videos, and approached the great theologian to find out if he would do a special video discussing Rey’s errors with compatibilism. Wouldn’t you know, he agreed, and has said that he’ll do a video anytime I need him!

Here’s the first video: