Daily Archives: June 11, 2011

Comment Backlog – And Some News

So, I have a HUGE comment backlog.  It appears as though my post on naturalism got a bunch of atheists’ panties in a bunch, and they crawled out of the woodwork to reply on my ignorance of science.  I expected to be called ignorant of science; whenever a Christian criticizes science he’s called ignorant (even Christians with relevant PhDs in the fields of evolutionary biology, organic chemistry, and philosophy of science).  Obviously, I have no relevant science degrees; I just used to get good grades in science-related classes in high school and I read a bunch of extra books back in those days when I actually had “free time.”  So I knew if those other Christians are “ignorant,” then I was going to get it 10 times worse.

What I didn’t expect was the sheer amount of commenting that was done.  While I expect most of it will be typical comment-and-run tactics since Twitter was what generated all the traffic (give atheists on Twitter more than 140 characers in reply and they usually run scared), I’m still going to address the comments.  Either I will learn something about science, or school my commenters on philosophy.

Ideally, since I like dialogue on this site, both will happen.  However, I would like to point out that, per the title of the post, the primary focus of that post was philosophy.  The comments I’ve scanned are talking all about science.  Which indicates that, likely, at least some of the commenters noticed that I was Christian and my writing touched briefly on science, so they automatically decided to comment that I was ignorant.  Because Christians are always ignorant of science, don’t you know?

Now, where would atheists get the impression that Christians are ignorant?  I have no idea.  All of the Christians in the media limelight are always top-notch, with an encyclopedic knowledge of American history.  None of us ever say anything stupid.  So, c’mon, atheists!  Give us our due, here!

Anyway, I will get to the comment backlog starting tomorrow.  I will reply on here, but not Twitter.  Sorry, Twitterheads.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that no one ever visits my Articles page.  So, as a result, I’ve pulled it down and will redistribute revised versions to other websites that offer free articles for e-zines.  At least maybe then they will get read.

All right, on to bed with me.