Daily Archives: June 24, 2011

Are Christians Superior to Atheists? (via Twitter)

This discussion started with a simple tweet from about.com writer Austin Cline, and quickly spiraled out of control from there into a shouting match of personal insult.  I’m happy to say, that none of that was from me; I really tried to keep to the issues this time (though as commenter Doc can attest, I don’t always):

So, I replied:


This is in keeping with a controversial YouTube video by Cardinal Cormack Murphy-O’Connor where he said that atheists are less than human, but I thought perhaps he might have meant atheists haven’t embraced the fullness of their humanity. Read the rest of this entry

Obsessing Over a Cool Feature

WordPress has added the ability to reprint tweets in a really cool way.  Some readers have probably noted that I have done that with Monica’s tweets when I wish to highlight something that was said on Twitter.

Since I absolutely love this feature, and I said two things on Twitter that I would like to reiterate here, I will now use this feature shamelessly:




Bask in my pithy wisdom.  And, follow me on Twitter.  I’ll follow you back, and I’ll love you forever.  Well, at least I’ll follow you back!