Loftus Found Us Already!

John W. Loftus found us already. He left a comment over at my blog:

Now here’s something interesting. You plan on writing a comprehensive answer to my book before actually seeing it. In other words, you know it’s wrong before considering it. I want you to think about what you’re doing. You’re not trying to come to a better understanding of the truth. You’re not interested in learning from us. You’re not interested in considering what we have to say at all. Is this what you’d do in any other area of learning?

I have read several atheist tomes. None of them have altered my faith or destroyed my confidence that Christianity is the truth. Now this book comes along and it will change my mind? Maybe, but I’m not counting on it.

Still, I will try to approach the book from a neutral perspective. Maybe it will change my mind.

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I'm a born-again Christian, amateur apologist and philosopher, father of 3. Want to know more? Check the "About" page!

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