Daily Archives: May 4, 2010

Comedy from Search Engine Traffic

Like all WordPress users, I get a readout of what Internet searches led users to my blog. While most of them make sense, every once in a while I get a doozy that makes me laugh.

The one that made me laugh today was “Who is coming out of the closet this Wednesday?” Why would anyone search for a specific day of the week for that? This search was conducted on Monday, which begs the question: Does the gay community now plan ahead who is coming out on specific days?

That makes no sense. There’s no “gay agenda” such as groups like Focus on the Family claim. Right? There isn’t, right?

A Few Announcements

I will begin two new writing projects this month, and they should take at least four to six months to complete. I will also be revamping and beefing up the “Articles” tab of this website. I also have two pieces of bad news. Read the rest of this entry

This is Special

In my last highlight post of the interesting comment spam that I get, I mused that I should just add a category for comment spam. So I said to myself that I will add that category if I get one more comment spam that’s worth highlighting. You will note that I have done that, under “Humor.”

This comment was to appear in my essay on prayer, which is also the most popular essay over at God is NOT Imaginary.

Sage Vyasa could not get the peace because he revised the theoretical message of God and did not memorize the practical aspect of it. He got perfect peace when Bhagavatam was composed in which the practical aspect was described. Gopikas practiced the message of Gita in Toto. The devotion to God should be one way traffic. Krishna married Radha secretly (Gandharva) and left her along with other Gopikas after enjoying them for two years in Rasaleela. No girl will tolerate her husband enjoying other women with her knowledge. The love of Radha to Krishna was not affected by such bad behavior of Krishna. Krishna increased the power of dosage of the test. Krishna left Radha and Gopikas, went to Dwaraka and married 16000 girls. Dwaraka was like a foreign country crossing the sea. If this is the case of the marriage of today, the girl fights against the groom with the help of the courts and women associations. But the behavior of Radha and Gopikas towards Krishna was unimaginable.

The user who posted this was called “Travel Deals to Paris.” That pretty much screams “Spamer!” doesn’t it?