What is the “Josiah Concept?”

This is what the LORD says: “I’m going to bring disaster on this place and on the people living here according to everything written in the book that the king of Judah has read. I will do this because they have abandoned me and sacrificed to other gods in order to make me furious. Therefore, my burning anger directed at this place will never be extinguished.

“You had a change of heart and humbled yourself in front of the LORD when you heard my words against this place and those who live here. I had said that those who live here will be destroyed and cursed. You also tore your clothes in distress and cried in front of me. So I will listen to you,” declares the LORD. “That is why I’m going to bring you to your ancestors. I’m going to bring you to your grave in peace, and your eyes will not see any of the disaster I’m going to bring on this place.” 2 Kgs 22:16-17, 19-20 (GW)

When King Josiah heard the words written in the Book of the Law, he tore his robes, and sought the council of the Lord. That was the declaration of the Lord to King Josiah. The end of this age is coming, but like King Josiah, we don’t have to be a part of it, for God “doesn’t want to destroy anyone but wants all people to have an opportunity to turn to Him and change the way they think and act” (2Pet 3:9).

With the scientific revolution, it has become increasingly difficult for people to do that. We are material beings in a material world, who find it harder and harder to exercise our faith muscles in a world that condemns faith and seeks reason.

I humbly submit that it is possible to combine our faith with the reason that this world holds in such high esteem. I am in good company, for the collected works of Lee Strobel argue this same point.

I believe that there is room for one more apologetics ministry online that will argue faith from a standpoint of scientific reasoning. It is my mission, like King Josiah, to remove the obstacles to worshiping God that have cropped up, not in pagan temples built throughout the land, but in science and logic.  That is not to say that science and logic need to be eliminated, just used properly to glorify God as they were originally intended.

And, like all the great apologists before me, I won’t push people down the road to the Cross (only God can draw them near), but I will help fill in the potholes along the way.

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