Heed the Words of Cardinal Pell

George Cardinal Pell, the archbishop of Sydney, Australia, gave us some wise words that we would do well to heed: Secularism is becoming totalitarian.

James White has said it, Michael Spencer has said it, now I’m going to say it: evangelicalism in America is on its way to enormous and spectacular collapse. Our influence in public policy is waning fast, and we have no one but ourselves to blame for it.

Read the Cardinal’s words for yourself and understand that the only way to fix this problem is to live the way that Christians are supposed to live, and to be the salt and light for the world that Jesus called us to be.

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  1. I love that the idea of ‘religious freedom’ to Christians means freedom for them, but not for anyone else.

  2. Kind of an obvious statement. America was not built on Christianity nor Secularism, but on natural theism. The founding fathers are often quoted in favor of religion as if they are speaking of Christianity, but in reality they are merely speaking of the belief in the existence of a Supreme being who cares about morality without identifying Him with any institutional religion. That is really the only way to go to avoid totalitarianism, as we all know the Catholic Church can be just as totalitarian as the Secularists, as can Protestantism (look at Geneva in the Reformation times).

  3. It is because this foundational principle of our nation has been forgotten both by the religious and by the atheists, that we have the present a dictator (and idiot) named Barak Obama running our economy into the ground. When you reject God, you get a man claiming to be God. And when you stick your head in your religious legalism and ceremonies, you ignore your civic duty and let the moron atheists set up a dunce as a god. Both atheists and religious folk have brought us to this point by rejecting the rational path, theism without ceremonial religion.

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