This is . . . I don’t know!

I have no words to describe this:

A leading embryonic stem cell expert in Britain has called for organs from aborted babies to be used in transplants to increase the supply of organs available for donation, drawing criticism from pro-life and Christian groups who called the proposal “absolutely horrifying.”

I think that I side with James White in saying: This isn’t going to bring the wrath of God. This is the wrath of God. How much lower can society sink?

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  1. But according to James White, God also made these people abort the babies, then he punished them for it. So, its both his wrath and the good pleasure of his will. I can’t agree with that. And why should God’s wrath affect only the good? Because this is not negative in any way to the abortionists. They are supposed to be the objects of his wrath, no us! But this goulish usage of baby organs will make them happy. It only horrifies us. So, why would God pour his wrath on good people and please bad people? Sorry my friend, but God is not micromanaging these events.

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