Daily Archives: August 13, 2008

Editorial: George Bush and Double Standards

I tend to stay away from political commentary on this blog, but I couldn’t resist talking about the gross double standards of President George Bush’s latest remark.

President Bush has stated that the Russian attack on the former providence of Georgia is “unacceptable.” Vice-President Dick Cheyney stated that continued attacks will hurt the relationship between the US and Russia. Where do these guys come off?

The United States is continuing an offensive action in Iraq that was condemned by the UN. It was an invasion of a sovereign nation and a severe breech of the typical U.S. diplomacy used with foreign powers. I’m not a political expert here, but it seems like the President has a gross double standard here. He did the same thing to Iraq that Russia is doing now to Georgia, and he has the audacity to condemn the action? One would think that he would stand behind the action if he were consistent in his foreign policy. But I guess not.