Daily Archives: August 25, 2008

Another Conversion Story

Atheists often make the argument that your religious beliefs are determined solely by where you live, which is completely untrue. Recently I covered the story of Masab-Joseph Yousef, a Muslim man who converted to Christianity. Yousef is proof that people can throw off the shackles of what they grow up learning in favor of the truth of Christ.

Another conversion story has hit the news, this time an Egyptian Muslim named Maher al-Gohari. The former police officer converted more than 30 years ago, but has now decided to make his profession public. It isn’t illegal in Egypt to convert to Christianity. However, since Muslim law declares that it is unusual to convert to an “older” religion from a “newer” religion, it is nearly impossible for someone to publicly convert to Christianity from Islam.

We pray that God will open up a door for Maher al-Gohari to publicly declare his faith. We also pray that his family will have their eyes opened by Christ, so that they, too, may convert.

Yet another strike against the failed argument that religion is an accident of birth.