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Best of JCM: Top 10 Reasons Religion is a Negative Force, part 2

This is actually the eight most popular post, but I have elected to consider this one together with its predecessor. For some unknown reason, people seemed more inclined to read this one than its parent, and that’s backwards. Typically, in a series, part 2 sees less traffic than part 1. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. You’re still with me, right?

Kieth Murphy, a user in the ThinkAtheist Forums, posted his Top Ten reasons why religion is a negative force in the world.

Not surprisingly, every single reason is a non-starter.  I covered the bottom reasons, now let’s continue where we left off — #5:

There have been cases in the United States and some other country where person’s have lost their jobs due to lack of faith or alternative faiths and sometimes on the bases of sexual orientation (which is thought to be justified because of certain beliefs)

There are also cases of people who have lost jobs because of their faith.  In the United States right now, some of the provisions of ObamaCare require a person to provide health services against their conscience. Read the rest of this entry