Notice This…

A friend on Facebook posted the following graphic:

Notice that I can’t actually win?  The question at the end is loaded.

If I explain why 1-6 are fallacious, I’ve committed #7 and therefore have a hoax religion.

But I can’t show that Christianity is different from other religions without providing justifications for the first six, which means I (once again) have a hoax religion.

Well, shucks… I lose.  But I wonder:

Does the fact that atheists pass this graphic uncritically from one to the next make them guilty of holding a regular groupthink meeting to reinforce belief?  Of course not, they can justify that by saying no money is collected and they aren’t meeting in person.

Wait a minute…

The preceding post was meant as satire and not as a serious argument.  Please don’t tell me I’m committing a tu quoque fallacy with this post.  I already know that.  That’s why I’m tagging it as “humor.”

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  1. Actually if you had anything to dispute the first 6, the 7th would be irrelevant. The word justification in the graphic is synonymous with excuse. That is, a vague reason why it’s OK that the belief suffers this gross fault. If you have anything to refute any of the six points, then the graphic doesn’t apply to you, and should bother you.

    Oh, and you’d be surprised how much your Facebook friend deliberated before posting this. Yes, it’s meant to be funny, but it can end friendships nonetheless. Few people pass this sort of thing along without thought of how defensible it is.

    • I think the problem is that if I try to explain my replies to 1-6, I’ll be seen as guilty of #7 and therefore dismissed. Still leaving me with an unanswerable problem.

      My reply is still meant as humor.

      And if you don’t know my Facebook friend, don’t comment on his state of mind. He posts stuff like this regularly and in reply to a comment on the thread of this graphic said that if this stuff offends any of his friends, they need thicker skin.

      It’s not going to cost him my friendship, but it IS going to give me blog fodder. And I’d like to think he’s okay with that.

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