Daily Archives: June 3, 2012

Answering the Contrarian, part 1: Distorted Gospel

A guy who goes by the Contrarian has posted a very interesting diatribe on Christianity here.  I’m not even going to try to answer it all, but I wanted to hit a few high points.

First, it’s ironic that the Contrarian consistently calls Christians ignorant of basic science.  He’s proven himself ignorant of basic theology.  Let’s look at what he thinks the Good News is:

. . . you start peddling your nonsense first by insulting me and telling me that I’m flawed and evil (the essence of being sinful).

You are.  We all are.  I am, or at least, I was.  Unfortunately, I still have the desires of the flesh which, I’m sorry to admit, win out more often than the desires of the spirit.

He acts as if when I tell him this, it’s as if I’m pointing out that he has a big nose or that he whistles whenever he says the letter “S.”  That’s drastically underestimating sin.

Sin isn’t a character flaw the same way arrogance or easy excitability is.  Sin is our nature, and it leads to death.  That’s much more serious than eating your salad with the wrong fork.

Then, before my shock at this verbal assault fades, you threaten me: explaining that I will suffer endless and unimaginable torture, BUT that the one who would force this horrific fate upon me actually doesn’t want to do so, but MUST because of his propensity to fundamentally fark up everything he creates.

Well, that’s all wrong. Read the rest of this entry