Jennifer Fulwiler on Bridging the Gap Between Faith and Reason

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  1. Héhéhé…interesting video…a baby?…She converted over a the fact that she didn’t like the idea of the child being a “collection of chemical reactions”? She can say what she wants, but that’s emotional…I was waiting for some argument or something, héhé…how does she know love comes from “something external to the natural world”?…I’m still watching it (it isn’t too short); I see she’s mentioning some book with arguments in favor of the existence of God, but she was a Christian before reading it, héhé…which means it still comes down to inner feelings, moving experiences…

    We are a sensible species, we are easily moved by things that it would be in our best interests (or…our genes’ interests) to be moved by…a baby so we can take care of it, danger so we can flee, food (when we’re starving) so we won’t die…we will of course feel they are real, not of this world, but we should recognize how “influencable” our minds are, as I said in the other post…

  2. Wow…Catholics have answers for everything?…I’m not sure which church I’d join if I became a Christian, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be Catholic (I’d probably become a Buddhist or something instead actually, héhé)…

  3. Wow…héhé…sorry for commenting many times…so she’s gone through the opposite route that I have: Atheist to Catholic…why do nonbelievers think they should be good people? Because evolution brought us (and new research seems to indicate most mammals or something, I recently read — old research used to indicate gorillas were selfish) to be kind, we FEEL it’s right…there isn’t a floating code out there, with the right things to do…but with science, our knowledge, learning about our natural world and what’s good for us (what’s bad for us too), we can establish proper moral conduct, we can determine what’s right for our species and what isn’t, and act accordingly…like in mathematics…come up with a set of axioms, follow their implications…there are logical consequences to our natures…to the point that we could feel justified to judge foreign cultural practices (like the cruel murder of poor animals in Muslim circles or something, where the creature has to be alive — that’s an objectively wrong practice, not because God condemns it (I’m not sure he does in the Bible, héhé…or the Koran — on the contrary), but because it goes against what we can logically establish to be in the best interest of conscious creatures, as Sam Harris would put it…just as there isn’t any Muslim mathematics, there shouldn’t be any Muslim morality) I’m a little surprised she doesn’t understand that, having been a nonbeliever for so long…it’s not that complicated…

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