Are We Ever REALLY Neutral?

“Human beings are never neutral with regard to God. Either we worship God as Creator and Lord, or we turn away from God. Because the heart is directed either toward God or against him, theoretical thinking is never so pure or autonomous as many would like to think.”

— Ronald Nash

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  1. Héhéhé…this statement assumes God’s existence in the first place…I’m sure that makes perfect sense if you believe in God…but to a nonbelievers’ ears? Nonsense, héhé…

    Our biases may come from our habits, our usual perceptions…the reason why we don’t expect relativity, quantum mechanics to be true (I wouldn’t say “evolution”, we probably reject that one, when we do, for…other…reasons)…and the same reason we can’t abandon the idea of…well, héhé, God…abandon the idea of deities in the same way that we (relatively quickly, though we clung on to it for some time) dropped the concept of the ether when it became useless (thanks to Einstein and such) to explain scientific phenomena (the transmission of electromagnetic waves through empty space)…God has nearly become useless, but we hold on to him, I’d say, ’cause we NEED Him…héhé, and you can need something that doesn’t exist…I’m sure some children need their imaginary pet, their identity as Super-Alan, their invisible confident, etc…

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