Another Reason I Won’t Debate the Historicity of Jesus Christ

Hard as this may be to believe, there are actually people who don’t believe that there was ever a real, historical Jesus Christ.  Their arguments are on par with people who deny Shakespeare wrote his plays, Holocaust deniers, AIDS deniers, and Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory series.

But they won’t go away.  Worse, probably 95% of the Internet atheist movement counts themselves among those who deny a man named Jesus of Nazareth, described by the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and many others ever walked this planet and performed miracles before being sentenced to die on a Roman cross.

I’ve decided that I won’t debate the question of the existence of Jesus anymore.  It’s really not an open question.  No serious scholar of history or of the New Testament, Christian or not, actually questions this issue.  Even scholars of comparative mythology question whether or not Jesus’ stories had their origin in pagan mythology!  In fact, it may be the other way around.

Well, Christians, historians, and non-Christian comparative religious scholars aren’t the only ones who think that the idea Jesus never existed is preposterous.  Of all people, Bart Ehrman, thinks the idea and the arguments supporting it are terrible.  And he tells the Infidel Guy so during an interview:

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  1. Héhéhé…I agree with most of all that…I’m part of the 5% of nonbelievers that think Jesus existed (since I’m told most historians agree that he did — as a layman, I don’t have much choice but to follow them)…the video’s pretty interesting, I had watched it a couple months ago…I agree that it DOES show close mindedness from the part of nonbelievers, héhé, wanting Jesus to not have existed…

  2. It’s a bit embarrasing for atheists, who usually label themselves as skpetics, rationalists or freethinkers, when other atheists accept mythicism.

  3. Yeah I think it is pretty ridiculous to debate this topic. I “debate” myself over whether I should even bother. People who are willing to go to this length to avoid Christianity are so indoctrinated with anti-theism that I doubt it’s worth talking to them.

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