Daily Archives: July 7, 2011

Final Question from the Reddit Thread

This is, at last, the very last question from the Reddit thread of questions that theists supposedly can’t answer.  It is a three-part question:

  1. Does free will exist in heaven?
  2. If so, what’s to prevent god from kicking you out after the fact?
  3. If not, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of giving man free will in the first place?

In general, as a Calvinist, I’m not overly impressed with questions about free will.  We Reformed folks don’t really think that humans have it.  In the sense that when faced with path A or path B, do I believe that we can pick either without respect to God making us choose the one he desires?  Yes, I think we can do that.  But, I also believe that in so doing we are doing God’s will and advancing his plan for our lives as he saw fit to declare from eternity.  It seems to be a contradiction, but the Bible affirms both an exhaustive divine decree and the free moral agency of humans.  Therefore, the two might appear to conflict to us but in reality work in harmony.

As a Christian theist, I’m also not overly impressed with atheists who bring up free will as a supposed airtight objection to the concept of God.  Without God, there could be no free will.  In the Westminster Confession of Faith, we see that human freedom is upheld and founded on the decree of God.  In fact, metaphysically speaking, it seems illogical given the atheistic commitment to naturalism that we would have a free will. Read the rest of this entry