Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

Show #4: Questions for Christians IIa

I’ve decided to try to do a podcast each week, on Friday. I seem to have enough material. Today’s episode rebuts Doug Crews on the first question from his list that I covered in two parts last week. Then I move on to some more questions, this time from our “friends” at ex-Christian.net. The list in question was written in 2003, but I’m betting that none of the questions have been satisfactorily answered–at least in the opinion of the ex-Christians on that site–so I decided to take a crack. As usual, I’ve sent an e-mail to the original author of the list to invite a response.

I’ve sent out an open invitation on Facebook to any LOCAL Christians who would like to give some answers to upcoming questions I’m planing on covering. Let’s face it, my voice gets old after a while. Hopefully I get some takers!

Anyway, you can download this week’s episode here. I hope you enjoy!