Daily Archives: October 11, 2010

Change to Comment Policy

Few people read the static pages on this blog, so I want to call out an important addition to the comment policy:

I read all comments that are posted, however, at this time I am unable to respond to each one. I’m not intentionally ignoring comments. The recent expansion into other media (video, podcasting, e-books, group blogging) has cut my time very short. I will try to respond to as many comments as I can, but I can’t make a promise that I will respond to each and every comment.

Comments will automatically close on posts that are older than 30 days.

I am expanding into other media: production of YouTube videos, podcasting, writing (and selling?) e-books, and I contribute to a new group blog. All of these must be updated regularly or else I stand the chance to lose potential audience. Therefore, while I promise to read all of the comments, I can’t promise to answer all of them. I will do my best to answer comments that pique my interest and I believe will create a worthy discussion.

Please don’t stop commenting! But don’t be discouraged if I don’t always reply.

Answers to Tough Questions #1-3

In my recent podcast, I told a lie.

I said that the first three videos in the series answering Shawn, aka “azsuperman01” were up. That’s because when I recorded the introduction, the videos were written but not recorded or produced. I had planned to record and produce those videos prior to the podcast “airing.” Well, that didn’t happen.

So, finally, I have gotten around to producing the videos. Here they are:

Question #1: When Can God Forgive?

Question #2: Crimes of Mankind

Question #3: Free Will