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Who Designed the Designer?

This video, from YouTube user AntitheistAtheist, has the critical praise of numerous atheists in the comments found below the video. Examples:

  • I like your style kid, keep on thinking. Think bigger and further.
  • we [sic] dont [sic] surely know how the universe gets here, nobody does and it has to be accepted. the [sic] mistake that theists do is to explain everything that cant be explained with god of somesort [sic]
  • Maybe that’s it God created us who was created by a larger God and so on and so on in an ever expanding universe.
  • [S]cience has answered all of the greatest questions up to date, coming up with the only reasonable answers. Religion has answered nor prooved [sic] anything. It is absolutely reliant on “faith”, that is an integral part of the deal “Just believe!”. It may never be answered, but if it ever is, zou [sic] can bet science will find the answer and not faith.

The last commenter, in typical atheist style, presents an alternate definition of faith that is not what faith really means. I’ve advocated the death penalty for this before, and I think the law is on my side.

Anyway, why is Who designed the designer? still so popular among atheists? There’s an easy answer to the question. Here it is, from philosopher William Lane Craig:

Notice that Craig laughs about the objection. Like me, he finds it absurd.


Termed one of the most cruel and humiliating deaths that a person could undergo, crucifixion originated with the Persians in the seventh or sixth centuries b.c. and continued until the Roman Emperor Constantine abolished it. An article that appears on The Blog for WhyWon’tGodHealAmputees offers some doubt that Jesus Christ actually died in this fashion.

One should note that the contributors to that blog have repeatedly asserted that Jesus Christ is not a real, historical person. So why they would have interest in a scholar who debates the existence of crucifixion is unknown.

It looks like Gunnar Samuelsson, a newly graduated Swedish theologian, has asserted that it is unlikely that Jesus died by crucifixion. Samuelsson has underwent a three year study of the ancient literature and doesn’t find it probable that crucifixion was used at that time. He only finds references to suspending a person (or part of a person), but no references to actual crucifixion. Even the Bible itself doesn’t actually say that Jesus was crucified, only that he carried a staurus and was hung on it.

Interesting, and wrong. In the Gospels of Matthew, several times Jesus’ execution is referred to as being “crucified” between chapters 20 and 28. Mark also refers to Jesus’ execution as a crucifixion between chapters 15 and 16. Luke refers to crucifixion throughout chapters 23 and 24. John also in chapters 18 and 19. Acts also refers to crucifixion in the death of Jesus, primarily Peter’s first sermon (Acts 2, but again in Acts 4). Paul talks quite extensively about Jesus’ crucifixion in Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, and Galatians.

The Bible definitely uses the word “crucifixion” extensively to talk about Jesus’ death. Other historical documents that fit into the time period that Samuelsson allegedly studied also mention and describe crucifixion, most notably the works of Josephus. There is also some archeological evidence to back up the documentary descriptions, as we have discovered victims of ancient crucifixions in tombs. Their wounds testify to the accuracy of the description in ancient literature, including the Bible.

However, Saumuelsson is quick to say that he isn’t attempting to undermine Christianity. He’s just trying to arrive at the truth of an ancient tradition, much like the rest of us. “Samuelsson — who believes that ‘the man who walked this earth was the Son of God, and that he will return to judge the living and the dead’ — says this accusation is simply ‘stupid.'” (source)

So, let’s not let this news get us all bent out of shape.

No Wonder This Guy’s an Atheist

Yahoo! Answers user James Matthew posted this question in Religion/Spirituality: “Is this the most insane form of Christian delusion?” He expounds:

I asked my internet Christian friend how she is able to believe something that does not have any evidence for its existence.

She gave me the following answer.

“I leave all my logical reasoning and thinking capability and go to HIS throne like how a child goes its father. He is the potter and I am the clay in HIS hands. If so, how can I question HIS existence and authority to prove my logical reasoning??”

With Christian friends like this, no wonder he’s an atheist.

Recently, I posted something on the second greatest commandment. I’d like to note that the Greatest Commandment is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” (Mt 22:37; Mk 12:30; Lk 10:37). I think it is terrible when Christians actually tell people that they check their minds at the door wherever God is involved, as Matthew’s friend has done in this case. Read the rest of this entry