Who Designed the Designer?

This video, from YouTube user AntitheistAtheist, has the critical praise of numerous atheists in the comments found below the video. Examples:

  • I like your style kid, keep on thinking. Think bigger and further.
  • we [sic] dont [sic] surely know how the universe gets here, nobody does and it has to be accepted. the [sic] mistake that theists do is to explain everything that cant be explained with god of somesort [sic]
  • Maybe that’s it God created us who was created by a larger God and so on and so on in an ever expanding universe.
  • [S]cience has answered all of the greatest questions up to date, coming up with the only reasonable answers. Religion has answered nor prooved [sic] anything. It is absolutely reliant on “faith”, that is an integral part of the deal “Just believe!”. It may never be answered, but if it ever is, zou [sic] can bet science will find the answer and not faith.

The last commenter, in typical atheist style, presents an alternate definition of faith that is not what faith really means. I’ve advocated the death penalty for this before, and I think the law is on my side.

Anyway, why is Who designed the designer? still so popular among atheists? There’s an easy answer to the question. Here it is, from philosopher William Lane Craig:

Notice that Craig laughs about the objection. Like me, he finds it absurd.

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  1. Well…that’s a pretty good argument (Craig’s), héhéhé…very nice way to put it…

    I never saw that non-believer argument as a way to shatter (monotheistic) religion, though…just as an answer to the question “What created the universe?”. Of course, if something always existed, it didn’t need to be created, as Craig says, so God wouldn’t need to. But it’s an attempt to put a) “God always existed” against b) “Things just sprouted into existence”. They both are equally extraordinary claims, in my view. That’s something I think the “who created God?” question is supposed to show a religious person who only seems to grasp the strangeness of a), the first proposition.

    Maybe our existence demands that of another Thing that would have always existed. Maybe. Maybe we can label it God. But we don’t stop there, like Einstein did. We give It properties, make It a Person, claim he cares about our species in this obscure little planet, say he wrote certain books, etc…

    As Einstein once said, the question is too complicated for us. We are children in a huge library with books in different languages…

  2. I meant, of course, that the religious person may only grasp the strangeness of the b) claim, “Things just sprouted into existence”…

  3. “Maybe our existence demands that of another Thing that would have always existed. Maybe. Maybe we can label it God. But we don’t stop there, like Einstein did”

    Well…I do make Einstein look like a deist, héhé…he didn’t call anything “external” God, was more of a pantheist/agnostic, I guess.

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