First Stage of Article Page Update Complete!

I have completed the first step of a complete revamp of my Articles tab. All of the on-site article links now point to a URL on the website instead of a shared Google Docs page. For interested parties (read: everyone who disagrees with me), that means that all of the articles now allow comments.

The Google Docs was actually a carry over idea from when I used to use Blogger. At the time, Blogger didn’t allow static pages the way WordPress does. They do now, but not to the same extent as WordPress has always allowed them. To construct articles, I had to use Google Docs and then link the shared document to Blogger. That way, I could create the “illusion” of a website/blog.

Discovery of WordPress was a godsend. WordPress allows the creation of static pages outside of the blog chronology, so the user can essentially create an entire website with a blog built in. And, the static pages utilize the same template as the blog posts, so the whole project looks more unified. The user can even program a specific homepage that is not the blog itself, so the blog can be secondary to the website! (That’s what I did with the original God is NOT Imaginary blog.)

For some reason, it took me almost four years to go through my Articles tab and eliminate the articles that weren’t tied directly to apologetics, then take the ones that were Google Docs and cut & paste them into a proper WordPress page. I always thought it would take longer than the half hour that it actually took.

Make sure to revisit the Articles tab! Read some of my work. Now, you can comment on all of it!

Second step will be much bigger. I want to go through my posts–all of my posts–and isolate the ones that will make good stand-alone articles. Then, link to them from the Articles tab. I’m so not looking forward to that, especially in light of my other two ongoing projects, which also take up quite a bit of time! Also, some of the posts might require some editing (and joining ot other posts in a series) to be better stand-alone articles. That has “time consuming” and “tedious” written all over it. Wish me luck!

About Cory Tucholski

I'm a born-again Christian, amateur apologist and philosopher, father of 3. Want to know more? Check the "About" page!

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