Why I’m Not Roman Catholic

This post’s traffic numbers were up 33% for the week of July 15th.  Then it flatlined for two weeks.  This week, it’s up 495% in views thanks to this thread at the CARM forums.

The problem is that I no longer agree with a substantial amount of the content found in it.  (See comments below.)

Therefore, I have removed it and I’ve left this placeholder.  Fret not, however; I have an updated version of this post right here.

If you’d like to read more on why I’m not a Roman Catholic, please view these far more even-handed posts:

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  1. “Worshiping anyone or anything other than God is idolatry”

    Unless it is the Bible (but not any Bible the exact specific translation that is perfect). You also forgot to mention that the Catholics do not hate science what with them not insisting the Earth is 6000 years old which means they can’t be true Christians.

  2. But it leaves me with the question of why I’m Reformed and not something else, like Roman Catholic. Regular readers of this blog will recall that I was raised Catholic–baptized and confirmed. So why am I not still Catholic?>>

    Well, actually, you ARE still Catholic, simply at this time a contumacious heretic, outside of a state of grace, having committed a mortal sin, and in immediate threat of damnation for your heresy if you do not repent.

    No need to turn you over to the secular authorities, either.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Wake up and smell the coffee. Protestantism is in free-fall collapse. All protestant denominations have turned into leftist tools, preaching process theology and Marxist ideology. How carefully have you read the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John, or the first chapter of The Acts of the Apostles?

  4. I pray that you have been forgiven for the following: The Eucharist is disgusting in another way. It “re-presents” the sacrifice of Christ, so that Jesus is sacrificed over and over again on the altars of Romanism.

    Look up a message called the 4th cup by Scott Hahn. It will change your life. Calling the Eucharist as Idolatry is insane. It is posts like this one that help keep the Famlily of Christ as disjointed a it is.

    By the way, I’m not a Catholic. I’m sad to call myself a Protestant when it’s a classification that I need to share with you.

    • Ah, another example of why I previously disabled comments on posts older than 30 days.

      Alas, I was heavily influenced by folks like James White back in those days, but now I would never make a statement like that. I had to check the body of the article to make sure I actually said it.

      Now, I’m more convinced than ever that the Eucharist is more than a mere symbol, and that those who profane it are guilty of the body and blood of Christ.

      So next time you fire off a nasty comment, check the date on the post. If it’s older than a year or two, you may want to see if the person has a different perspective on it. I sure do — I can’t believe I actually wrote that!

      You might want to read the series on my renewed denial of the Roman Catholic church, beginning here, where I have a far friendly view than the one in this post. In fact, I explicitly state that I believe that the Eucharist IS the body and blood of Christ:

      The early Reformers came up with the idea of the seven Catholic Sacraments as symbolic of Christ rather than literal dispensers of grace over and against Tradition. The Eucharist was no longer a true sacrifice in the sense of being the literal body and blood of Christ and one with the first sacrifice on Calvary, but now becomes a symbol of the death of Christ (see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, p1365-1367; cf. the Westminster Confession XXIX.2). Again, this is over and against not only Tradition, but the Bible (see 1 Cor 11:23-32).

      Hope you’re not still ashamed of me. Even if you are, though, I aim to please God, not men.

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