Daily Archives: April 23, 2009

Decision Theology and the Pelagian Heresy

Chris Roseburgh is not a Calvinist, but he is against the Pelagian heresy same as we are. Chris runs two excellent blogs, A Little Leaven and Extreme Theology. Extreme Theology has had two posts (here and here) that offer a great commentary on what is wrong with churches today. The first talks about “decision theology” and the second talks directly about free will and its connection to sin.

Again, Chris isn’t a Calvinist so he doesn’t speak of predestination to glory or shame when he speaks of decision theology, which is what the Calvinist would speak of. However, his post highlights some excellent Bible verses that show that we don’t have the free will to accept or deny Christ; in fact, it is the Holy Spirit moving within us that makes that decision possible. The Calvinist would call this “Irresistible Grace”–the “I” in TULIP. By denying the total depravity of man, even to accepting eternal life, churches today are preaching sermons that are not used by God to draw his elect to himself. And that is a tragedy.

We are to preach the gospel and repentance, but the sermons found in modern, seeker-driven churches are little better than self-help pop-psychology.

While the Calvinist believes that God’s elect will be found by him eventually, it is perhaps tragic that God won’t draw them sooner because modern preachers have the message all wrong.

In the second post, Chris makes the point that those set in the flesh cannot please God. Since the seeker-driven churches aren’t preaching biblical messages that will be used by God to draw his elect to himself, the people in those churches are very likely unregenerate. That isn’t to say that they aren’t trying to love God with all their heart, minds, and souls. But that isn’t what the Gospel is; that’s what the Law is. Since they are trying to follow God through works of Law, they are, in effect, displeasing to God.

Trying to make it to God on your own merit is the old Pelagian heresy coming back to haunt the church.