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The Power of Prayer Doubted Again

Image by vjack via Flickr

Image by vjack via Flickr

It looks like the atheists have done it again–misunderstood the power of prayer. Vjack of Atheist Revolution and Daniel Florian of Unreasonable Faith have both written recently on this topic.

I guess they both see prayer as a magic gumball machine where the person pops in a quarter and gets a supernatural answer to his or her wish. But that’s not what prayer is at all. Prayer is a vehicle to offer yourself into God’s service, a two-way communication tool between you and God. It is a way to help yourself accept God’s will.

Make no mistake–prayer is powerful if used properly and understood properly. I’ve addressed the topic at some lengthe here and J.P. Holding has addressed the same topic here. Both of us conclude that prayer is not a magical thing that will automatically grant you anything that you wish for.

When are atheists going to stop assuming that the Bible teaches that you can get everything taht you want through prayer? And more than that, when are they going to think that they’ve proven something that no Christian knows when they point out that you can’t get everything you want in prayer?

What do you get out of prayer? Nothing that you want, but everything that you need.

Image via Unreasonable Faith

Image via Unreasonable Faith

I should note that I’ve also addressed the charges of why Christians have health insurance and visit the doctor here.

Comment Threading

The wizards of WordPress have done it again! They have updated the software to allow comment threading. This should make conversations easier to track within comments. All you have to do is hit “REPLY” to a comment and you will automatically reply just to that comment. You can already see it in action in the comment section here.

I hope that this will facilitate some more detailed discussions here. Perhaps it will encourage commenters to hang around longer instead of just doing some hit and runs.