Daily Archives: February 18, 2009

A Few Items of Interest

Image via Catholic News Agency

Image via Catholic News Agency

From the “This is just plain sad” department:

The $15 candles show the president’s haloed head pasted over the body of St. Martin de Porres, the Peruvian-born friar who is one of the first black saints in the Americas. On the candle, the saint is holding a crucifix.

Fr. La Torre said the candle “mocks Jesus” and “depicts our beloved saints in a not so saintly way.” (source)

Next, we have an example of “freedom of speech so long as you don’t offend me.” A college professor called a student a “fascist b*****d” for giving a speech in class in favor of upholding traditional marriage between a man and a woman. College is supposed to be a marketplace of ideas, but it is clear that, at least at this school, only the left-wing ideas will do. Anyone who stands for biblical truth is fit only to be silenced. The student is suing the college for violating his First Amendment rights. We’ll see how that turns out.