Daily Archives: July 8, 2008

What Does God Owe Us?

Often, atheists assume that God is responsible to us.  That God owes us something based solely on the fact that he created us.  Well, Alan Kurschner debunks that idea with this thoughtful post, God Owes Us Nothing.

Truly, as Kurschner observes, God doesn’t owe us anything at all.  In fact, to be fair, he “owes” us eternity in hell for all of our constant sinning against him.  Instead, he has elected to bestow mercy on some and allow us to spend eternity in heaven with him.

Grace is such a wondrous gift.  If you’re saved, how are you showing your Creator your thanks in being chosen out of the world for his glory and purpose?  Are you continuing in your sin, so that the only difference between you and someone in the world is that you go to church every Sunday?  That isn’t thanksgiving at all.  The apostle Paul urges us to be living sacrifices to God!

If you’re not saved, I urge you to find a good church and talk to the staff ASAP.  E-mail me if you can’t find a church or need help finding one.