Daily Archives: July 5, 2008

Thoughts on Homosexuality

Andrew Faris from Christians in Context has a very thoughtful post on homosexuality here.

Why do Christians treat homosexuality differently than they do other sins?  Someone who is gay is struggling with a sin the same as all of us struggle with our own sins.  We should be gracious and welcoming when a homosexual couple comes into our church, and point them toward the light of Christ, who can free them from their homosexual bondage.

I can hear the objections from the gay community already.  “Homosexuals are born that way.  God wouldn’t want us to deny a part of ourselves to please him.”  The problem is that Jesus does ask us to deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow him (Lk 9:23).  We are sinful creatures.  Denying any sin is like denying a part of ourselves, and this is what Jesus calls us as Christians to do.

Trust me: I struggle with my sins every bit as much as a gay person would struggle with his homosexuality after coming to Christ.  It is a daily struggle for me not to fall back into old patterns of sinfulness, as it will be for the gay person to come to Christ.  But there is no sin too big for Christ to handle, if we submit to his will.