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Atheism: The Paper Tiger

Robert Kunda has an excellent post on the futility of atheist arguments.  Excerpt:

I was [an atheist]. I joined in all the thoughtless rhetoric. I’ve since grown up (at least in some measure). And I still hear the same nonsensical rants spouted off that I used to, as if Christians have never heard the bumper-sticky slogans before. (It’s worth noting that in many of the debates mentioned, like the overwhelming majority of Christian critics, the Christianity that’s being argued against generally bears little or no resemblance to biblical Christianity. These guys put all this effort into rebutting beliefs no one holds. I believe Christendom as a whole warrants a large portion of the blame for failing to present a cogent description and defense of their faith to the population as a whole.)

Why isn’t atheism very dangerous to Christians with a firm foundation in their faith?  Because “[i]t’s hard to convince someone that someone that they actually know doesn’t actually exist.”

The real threat comes from inside the church!

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