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PZ Myers and Hubris

Atheist PZ Myers, who has an extremely popular blog, a fact which continually surprises me, has made a comment in this blog entry that shows he is the modern embodiment of Satan’s war on God.

After describing the book of Genesis as a “little scrap of piss-poor poetry that half this country wants to make the backbone of our science curriculum,” Myers links to this YouTube video and continues:

somebody has tried putting the actual creation story as revealed by modern physics into the same kind of portentous, simple language that even a Mesopotamian goat-herder could understand, the point being that if a god had chosen to tell primitive people how the universe came to be, he/she/it could have done so in just as awe-inspiring a way as the false myths we’ve got.

Before we get to the comment that inspired my post, let me dissect this statement. First, he assumes that his god, science, has everything right. For Myers, epistemology begins and ends with science, that is all there is and all there ever will be. Then, he makes the assumption that ancient people are stupid with insulting comments like “even a Mesopotamian goat-herder could understand” and calling Genesis “false myths.” It is unthinkable for Myers that the Bible may actually be right. So much so that at the beginning of the presentation he is blogging about, he literally tore the Creation Story right out of Genesis.

As if I haven’t already demonstrated the hubris of PZ Myers, the final comment on this entry takes the cake: “It’s rather neat that modern scientists know more than God.” What unbridled pride! And I think we all know what happens to the proud (Prv 16:5, 18).