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Contradiction Tuesday Pre-Launch

Tomorrow begins Contradiction Tuesday, a new feature on Josiah Concept Ministries that will spotlight alleged biblical contradictions and make some sense out of them.

The list I’m starting with comes to us from Jim Merrit of the Secular Web.  He lists over 60 alleged contradictions, which will keep me busy for over a year (given this is a weekly feature).

Jim has taken the most common replies to these perceived contradictions and did a preemptive strike, explaining why these responses fail.  So I’m doing a pre-preemptive strike to explain three things:

  1. Merrit doesn’t get the Bible at all
  2. Merrit is as stuck in his worldview as he accuses us of being, but is worse off because he doesn’t realize he is stuck in his worldview
  3. These only suffice as starters if the thought processes are developed a bit more

With that, let’s begin: Read the rest of this entry