Randomness from Yahoo! Answers, part 2

To show people that I’m still here and blogging, I have decided to examine the top three results from the search phrase, “Does God exist?” on Yahoo! Answers.  The second question, from user Justin James, asks “Is it safe to make the assumption that God does not exist?”

Science does not prove that God exist, nor do they disprove existence of God either. However what science does is show that God is unnecessary for these processes to occur within our world seeing that the Universe is governed by Natural laws. Science does not have a “thing” against God, but rather Science acknowledges compelling evidence for the non-existence of God. Thus is it safe to make a conclusion that since God is unnecessary for the universe as we know it to exist, we can assume that God does not exist at all?

Let’s break this down:

  1. Science does not prove God exists
  2. Science does not disprove God exists
  3. Science shows God is unnecessary for natural processes because the universe is governed by natural laws

You are correct until #3.

The laws act within the universe, so long as there is a universe for them to act on from the inside.  However, the universe — if it began to exist, and we believe that it did — would have an external cause.  That external cause cannot simply be those natural laws for those only act on things already inside the universe.  The universe would have to be eternal for this to work.

So it is not safe to assume that there is no God.  The universe still had to come from somewhere, and could not simply have been ordered by the forces that exist within it any more than a piece of music wrote itself by putting the notes in the right place using the rules of time, rhythm, melody/harmony, and selecting its own major key.  Those rules, rather, were used by a composer to arrange the music in a fashion that would be pleasing to the ear.

It is not the scope of this post to answer the question of Who Designed the Universe?; rather, the purpose is to point out that natural laws and such forces are inadequate for they only explain how the components of the universe interact when they already exist.

It merely defers or delays the question of Who.  It does not answer it.

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  1. “if it began to exist, and we believe that it did ”

    Our universe began to exist at the time of the Big Bang, but that doesn’t mean the global universe began to exist.

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