Interesting Twitter Exchange

I haven’t been on Twitter since November.  I decided to check in because I got an e-mail saying that Lee Strobel, author of The Case for series of apologetics introductory books, followed my Ratio Christi account.

Nothing much on my main account, so I thought I’d put up a tweet just for ole time’s sake.  I posted why I even checked Twitter at all.  And that elicited a fascinating reply:

Twitter.  Where else can the ordinary everyman gab with best-selling authors?

Which brings my “Authors I’ve Chatted With on Twitter” total to 2.  I also had a brief interaction with Greg Boyd, author of The Jesus Legend.  Mostly I was warning him to stop interacting with a particular Twitter user who shows no love of truth — only a desire to squash Christianity and persist in his fervent unbelief.  Mr. Boyd took my warning, I’m happy to say.

Now, if only Rachel Vincent will respond to me!

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  1. TruthOverfaith

    And then Jesus came upon his disciples and said, “What’s this shit I’ve been hearing about a human sacrifice for sins!!? What kind of Neanderthal bullshit is that!!!? What are we, a bunch of goddamn Cro Magnon lunatics!!?
    Blood sacrifice!!!!!!!!!!!? Listen, you can take that pile of Stone Age donkey shit and shove it straight up your goddamn asses!!!”–Jesus Christ, the Lost Gospel

  2. Héhé…that must’ve been a nice experience…I know a couple big shots (in other fields, though) whom I’d like to interact with…

    • It was cool because it was an author I admire, but literally that was the extent of the conversation. I suppose we all have the dream that a published author will ask us for that unfinished manuscript and he’ll love it and then we’ll be famous. But the truth is that publishing doesn’t work that way. You normally have to write and write and then write some more, get rejected a bunch of times, then start back at “write” again until you finally get a nod.

      That’s how Rachel Vincent did it.

      But, for those of you keeping count, I’ve interacted with a total of six published authors:

      * Norman Geisler * William Lane Craig (eh, sort of, I was in such a large crowd of people someone always beat me to asking a question but I count it so I can sound cool) * Greg Boyd * Lee Strobel * My wife’s aunt (published in an obscure journal) * J.P. Holding (briefly on TheologyWeb; self-published counts, right?)

      My Facebook posts in support of Mike Licona during the Geisler-Licona debacle got some thumbs up from Licona himself, and he thanked me for my support on one of his wife’s FB posts. My statuses also have received an occasional thumbs-up from Doug Groothuis.

      Oh, wait — is Tim McGrew published? I’ve talked to him a few times in the CAA FB group.

      I think I at least know enough people to get Love Handel in my flashback. (Click if you don’t get that joke.)

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