Daily Archives: April 3, 2011

CA: Cory’s April Fool’s Day Post

Guest Post by Tom Scanlon

At first, I was a tad upset by Cory’s April Fool’s Day post, much like everyone else.  But that’s just a knee-jerk reaction to being called a name.  I thought about what Cory’s insult really means in the grand scheme of things.

See, I don’t believe in Cory’s God.  Or any other god.  I think that Cory is delusional for believing in such nonsense.  The Bible is filled with fairy tales, mythology, and stacks of propaganda for the little Yahweh cult started during King Josiah’s reign.  If I really believe that the Bible is no authority of any kind, then I’m not a fool for saying, “There is no God,” whether I say it in my heart or in my head.  Cory can re-post the text of any Psalm he wants, and it shouldn’t make a lick of difference.

For those atheists that got mad at Cory for posting that garbage, it looks like hearing the words of the Scripture convicted your conscience.  As if you’re suppressing the knowledge of God and when reading his word against you, you lash out.  Lashing out means you know the Scripture is true and you’re just trying to stifle those who try to proclaim it.  That way, you don’t have to keep hearing it and get that pang of conscience that goes along with suppressing the truth.

Like when the murderer trying to convince the police of his innocence sits in the police interrogation room, and the detectives lay out piece of evidence after piece of evidence.  He knows he’s guilty, but it’s getting more difficult by the piece of evidence to deny.  So he lashes out at the detective questioning him.  He gets angry and shoves all of the evidence away from him.  He doesn’t want to hear it.  He doesn’t want to see it.  He wants to keep denying he committed the crime, but he can’t because the truth is right in front of him.

So that’s why I’m taking it calmly.  Getting fired up is to be an inconsistent atheist, which I am not.  Getting fired up makes us look guilty of a sin.  We all know there’s no sin to be guilty of, so why let it get to us?  Right?