Returning to the God is Imaginary Rewrite

It’s been a while, but I’m now returning to the rewrite of my refutation of God is Imaginary. After reading some of my original disproofs, I’m happy to be doing the rewrite because some of my original apologetics were terrible. I’ve grown as an apologist, I’m proud to say.

Like anything, it’s a learning curve.

I have no set schedule for completing the proofs. I hope to also tackle Why Won’t God Heal Amputees in the near future as well.

What I’ve done so far:

And, co-author Dr. Joshua Rasmussen has put up his first article:

I’m probably going to edit that article a bit this week, since Dr. Rasmussen makes some points that I would like to expand on.

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  1. you have not refuted anything. the only thing you have said is that one cannot disprove the existence of god because one cannot see god. true but this is weak to say the least.

  2. After reading your attempts at refuting what GII is trying to highlight I find myself exactly where I started. God may not be imaginary, but in the scientific context he is still irrelevant and as such cannot be considered to be something to praised and worshiped unless you have time to waste.

    Dr Rasmussen makes a futile attempt at rubbishing the ‘prayer is basically useless’ argument from GII, but in all honesty the fact remains that he has not shown us who God is, and he plays directly into the path of ridicule when he starts saying the Bible explains ‘complex truths….that the wise…grow to understand….’ . If a being has superior intelligence surely they would be wise enough to realize that not all the ‘created’ will have a high enough IQ to be WISE. Why should I need a Phd to understand God and his absence?In Engineering we often say if you cannot simplify the complexities or explain your solution in laymen terms such that your client can understand the necessity for the complexity, then your solution will be a burden on the client and sooner or later you will be rendered irrelevant.

    I was once saved myself, but where I come from the reality of death and suffering hits you very early in life. I have prayed my heart out with the greatest of convictions and have never seen anything remotely ‘miraculous’. Maybe God does have favorite – but ultimately the question is – WHERE IS HE?? If he is invisible then why bother send a physical being called Jesus? The religious argument is illogical.

    Firstly to be saved you are required to understand sin and atonement, which requires reasoning but when you ask the critical questions about God and his failure to solve certain problems you are branded a heretic and cast out. I am firmly convinced that the God of Moses, Abraham and Isaac was nothing short of an alien entity posing as a Deity – which is the same for the African, Greek and Roman gods and all their ancient useless friends.

    • every single thing the Holy Bible ever predicted has come true. and everything in Revelations will come true, eventually. probably more like soon! Not absolutely sure of the exact scripture(s), but there are plenty references to the fact that this world, world system, society, will move, or has already moved, farther and farther away from God. this is more obvious in the year 2013, than it’s ever been. there’s firm warnings mentioned in The Bible about avoiding false beliefs and false prophets. and like many, many other facts of life…the Bible also tells us that “the love for money, is the root of all evil.” not money itself, but the LOVE for money. it brings forth an unlimited supply of GREED! and lots of other nasty, little, sins of the heart. how much more obvious does it have to be now days, to prove that the love for $$ scripture is TRUE!! TRUTH, like God, and His infinite wisdom, inspiring intelligent believers to write the Bible, in His words, in the first place. maybe, instead of all you people spending your entire adulthood on “trying to dis-prove, disrespecting, dis-crediting, and blaspheming our Heavenly Father, “God Almighty” (and His name is most definitely Jehovah, not Allah!), i suggest you get on your “God-given” knee-caps, and do some way-overdue praying. and start with begging His forgiveness and mercy for your foolish, selfish, beliefs. and ask Him to please keep the oxygen flowing into your lungs. cause if it was cut off even for 1.5 minutes, you would beg and PRAY, for another breath. or to die maybe? and what if your heart stopped beating in the next few minutes? do you think your little friend “Science” could/would help you then? to believe that things just happen on their own, or by Nature, or Mother Nature (Lol), instead of an alpha and omega, supreme, Creator (God The Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit), is really just ridiculous, unintelligent, reckless, dangerous, and quite foolish. all you unbelievers of God better wake up before it’s too late!! just some friendly advice… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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