In Christ Alone

Great song. We played this at church today and I really got caught up in the music and pondered the lyrics. I challenge everyone to at least ponder the lyrics.

I like the more upbeat version of this tune, though Natalie Grant did an excellent take on this track with her amazing voice.

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  1. The lyrics well express the core sickliness of the Christian beliefs.

    Craven submission to a ruler; wishing to be a helpless slave.

    Insistence that one’s belief cannot be changed by anything, not even reasoned argument and evidence.

    Denial of death; magical thinking to avoid acceptance of the fact that someone is gone and that the same fate awaits us all.

    A wrathful creator god who demands human blood sacrifice, for deeds committed by creatures the same god created flawed and prone to such deeds.

    Vicarious redemption; abdicating responsibility for one’s putative sins, accepting the sacrifice of someone else for one’s own wrongdoing.

    Thanks for the invitation to consider the lyrics.

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