Nail on the Head

Guest blogging for J.P. Holding, apologist Nick Peters hit the nail on the head with a recent review of Valerie Tarico’s book Trusting Doubt: A Former Evangelical Looks at Old Beliefs in a New Light (Oracle Institute Press LLC, 2010). Peters tells us:

Towards the end, she [Tarico] seems to say that she does not believe in any deity, but the terminology is ambiguous. I see Tarico as simply wanting to have the beliefs that come naturally with a theistic worldview, such as objective morality and reliability of reason, without having that extra annoying baggage (to her) that comes with it, such as God. (source)

I happen to think that this sums up what most atheists think of theistic worldviews. There is no reason to think that free will exists, objective morality, or that our brains are even validly processing information unless you ground all of that in something. Yet, the atheist just kind of shrugs, affirms that it all works without ever giving a reason, and goes on. “It just does” is good enough for them, I guess.

They want to make the same assumptions that a God-centered worldview can make, but without the annoyance of actually submitting to God. Doesn’t work that way, guys. Sorry.

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  1. what do you mean by “There is no reason to think that [xxxxx is true] unless you ground all of that in something” ?

  2. Héhéhé…round and round we go…well, no need for me to speak too much, I feel (as usual) that you don’t really believe what you’re saying…”it just does” isn’t “good enough” for us, as you well know, but we don’t pretend to have an answer if we (probably) don’t, which seems to be your (and your religious buddies’) hobby…though I’m a little confused, I thought you didn’t even believe in free will…

  3. You might think this is funny…:

  4. There are few that realize the truth that free will is only an illusion. I just don’t get the thinking of atheists at all.

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