General Announcements

John W. Loftus seems to have two new books in the works. One is a continuation of The Christian Delusion tentatively titled The End of Christianity. I expect that title to change, as William Dembski recently published a book with that exact title. Truth Be Told has another take on the book’s title.

As Loftus has published abstracts of the chapters appearing in the new book, I will put some tentative responses up on a new site, The final answers (and a spiffier website, perhaps with its own domain name) will be forthcoming when the new book is available, summer 2011. For now, I have some initial thoughts on the first two essays ready to go.

Domain names are getting expensive. Though I was able to purchase and for peanuts, renewing them certainly won’t be as cheap. I could be looking at almost $10 per domain. My plan is to leave those domains active for the next year, but then move the sites to subdomains of my domain after that. Therefore, you will be able to access the Loftus refutation at and the updated God is NOT Imaginary at (or, since that’s a mouthful, after the other two domains expire.

I’m experimenting with a blog for the God is NOT Imaginary site, as an antidote to select blog entries from the WWGH/GII blog. You can find it at I’m probably going to end up deleting it, but we’ll see how it goes for right now.

My other blog, Fast Food Management Secrets, is in stasis for the moment. I have a few additional posts to hammer out, but I probably won’t be doing anything further with that blog. Its domain name has been canceled and deleted.

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I'm a born-again Christian, amateur apologist and philosopher, father of 3. Want to know more? Check the "About" page!

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