Changing the Religious Landscape

Paul Kurtz

In a tribute to Paul Kurtz, John W. Loftus can’t resist throwing in some shameless self-promotion. He says of his book The Christian Delusion that it is “helping to significantly change the religious landscape.” I have a Google Alert set up for that book. And I’m not getting many hits. At all. Most hits just contain the words “Christian” and “delusion” together in the same article. The only reviews are atheist. I know of two upcoming Christian reviews, one by Randal Rauser and the other by Jason Berggren. I think that J.P. Holding is going to do a refutation for an upcoming E-Block Newsletter and I’m planning on doing one on this site.

Four apologists, and the rest of the faith community seems to be ignoring this work. Way to change the religious landscape!

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  1. Wait just a minute, son. Have you seen the amazon rankings?

    • I have to admit, that’s pretty impressive. As of this writing, it’s #17 in apologetics and #6 in atheism.

      Although I might be more impressed if I was seeing deconversion stories that begin, “Once I read The Christian Delusion, I couldn’t be a Christian and intellectually honest anymore. . . .” But, I’m about to take the plunge and buy the book and see for myself. I’ve put it off long enough.

  2. Yet, here you are, talking about it… You know, Cory, you devote an awful lot of posts to somebody that you seem to think isn’t even remotely worthy of your mention.

    • You might be right.

      But it’s hard to stay away from Loftus. He’s the worst kind of former believer: the kind that passes himself off as knowledgable of his former faith, but proves he isn’t by his arguments. It mystifies me how he has 3 master’s degrees in Christian theology, yet misses many of the basics of said theology.

      I may have been wrong in my first assessment of Loftus’s worthiness of consideration.

      • What basic matters of theology does Loftus miss? (and it would be helpful if you had some examples)

        Since the Bible is a “make it whatever you want to” book isn’t kind of hard to have a basic theology. There is not one point of theology that all Christians agree on. Every Christian, it seems, decides what is the basic theology required of all others.

        John’s latest book is a compilation of many authors. Leaving your errant evaluation of Loftus out of the mix, are you going to say the other writers ,some with degrees from major institutions, are lacking in the basics of Christian theology?

        What I have found, after 25 years in the ministry, that when Christians debate theology with me, if they don’t like the conclusions I come to it is becuase I don’t understand Christian theology. In the original Greek that means “I came to a different conclusion that you so I am wrong.”

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