Daily Archives: March 30, 2010

Summary View of Why They Left the Faith

John W. Loftus from Debunking Christianity made a post summarizing why he and other members of the DC team left the flock. Most of these are fairly typical objections to Christianity.

  • Loftus left because he couldn’t reconcile the Genesis creation account with the scientific knowledge.
  • Robert Price left because of New Testament textual criticism.
  • Exapologist left because of the failed prediction that Jesus would return to the generation to which he spoke.
  • Ken Pulliam left because there is no cogent explanation for the Atonement.
  • William Dever left because of biblical archeology.
  • Bart Ehrman left because of the problem of evil.

The trick is that none of these alleged problems are irreconcilable. Read the rest of this entry