What an Anti-Climactic Ending

The parents of Madeline Neumann were given probation and thiry days in jail.  I guess it’s okay to deny your children medical attention!

The parents faced 25 years each in prison for denying their daughter medical care that would have saved her life. Instead, they prayed over her and thought that her deteriorating condition was a test from God.

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  1. Well, Jesus said (according to John) “whatever you ask in my name I will do it.” The tares in the Bible let these people down. Jesus never really promised any such thing. Should they go to jail for that? If they’re Calvinists, yes. If they haven’t learned their lesson, yes. If they’ve learned their lesson and know there are tares in the scriptures, let them grieve their daughter and their stupidity in peace.

    • If they’re Calvinists they probably denied her medical attention saying “ah! She’s not-elect anyway. Since God hates her, so do we.”

  2. If the law does make exceptions because of people’s ‘faith’ or ‘belief’, call it what you will, where does that end? it’s already acceptable to allow parents of certain faiths to mutilate the genitalia of their male babies, which I find absolutely appalling. If the faith of the parents called for removing the earlobes of their infants, should the law allow that?

    What if the faith allowed and encouraged parents to sexualise their children? (Many of these ‘charismatic’ leaders of cults seem to come up with special dispensation from god to sleep with 14 year old girls).

    The secular law of a country should be there as a check and balance against practices by faiths which harm children. Of course, as a secularist, I’d include indoctrinating your children to your own faith.

    If you’re reading this and think ‘indoctrinating’ is too strong a word, look up the true meaning. Think of all those poor children of satanists who are brought up as satanists by their parents brain-washing them. All those moor muslim children who are brought up by muslim parents who send them off to schools run by mad mullahs who demand unquestioning faith. The poor deluded Mormons and Scientologist children, who basically haven’t been given a chance to get the right faith, because their heads have been filled with nonsense by parents, school and religious leaders.

    Of course, your faith is the right one, so doing this to your own kids if fine.

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