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Is God the Author of Sin in Calvinism?

This has been the subject of much debate in the comments section. As one pointed out, what is described here can’t be considered “free will” by any definition. After re-reading this post and some personal reflection, I agree with the commenters that this isn’t a very good argument.

I’m leaving this up, however, as a thought experiment. Think of it like this: What if God did decree every last detail of our actions? Would that still make him the author of sin? Since intent appears to be what God judges, then the answer is still no on that principle.

Frequently, we hear the charge leveled against Calvinism and its insistence on meticulous divine sovereignty that makes God the author of sin. The typical argument goes something like this:

  1. God foreordained all that happens in the world.
  2. Sin is part of this foreordained world.
  3. Therefore, God foreordained sin.
  4. Therefore, God is the author of sin.

Does this argument hold? I don’t think so. Read the rest of this entry