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Answer for an Atheist

Vitaminbook, atheist and regular commenter on this blog, at asks the following question at his own blog:

9942 Apophis is a near-Earth asteroid with a small chance of hitting our planet on April 13, 2036. . . . Should the asteroid hit us, it would explode with many times more force than whatever caused the famous Tunguska Event, with potential casualties running into the millions. . . . As a Christian or other believer in some sort of God, what’s your reaction? Do you assume that God wants this to happen for some reason? Or do you believe that God would save us at the last minute rather than letting Apophis (ironically named after an ancient Egyptian god) destroy a sizeable portion of his creation?

How do you reconcile the possibility of sudden destruction from space with a Universe supposedly made for us by God?

I don’t reconcile it.  I don’t have to reconcile it, because the earth and all of the heavens are made for his glory alone (Ps 19:1; Is 66:1; Col 1:16), not mine.  Should this event happen, and this asteroid collides with the earth, I will take comfort in knowing that this is for God’s purpose, for he foreordained all things that come to pass (Is 14:24).

The universe was not made for us.  It was made for God, for his own glorification.

This Made Me Laugh

(HT: The Friendly Atheist)

It’s a German Bible… but it has a very different meaning in English…