Daily Archives: May 20, 2008

Wisconsin Law Might Excuse Madeline Neumann’s Parents

If my little girl is sick, she goes to the doctor.  I pray for God to use the doctor to heal my daughter.

I don’t pray and hope it all gets better.

But that’s exactly what the parents of Madeline Neumann did, and now they are charged with reckless homicide.

There may be a sang, however.  Wisconsin has a law on the books that says a caregiver cannot be charged with a crime if they select prayer as the basis of treatment.

The way I’m reading that law, however, is that prayer must be the basis of treatment, not the only thing that you do.  Therefore, the parents are still liable for the death.  Though the law may not apply at all in homicide cases, according to District Attorney Jill Falstad.

It will be interesting to hear the judges’ rulings on the law.