Kelly and Rook are at It Again!

In my newest edition of the Rational Responders Newsletter, they tell us Kelly O’Connor, always ready with the atheist response, has written “the most destructive blow dealt to Christians so far” in her recent post, “Damn Right I’m Angry,” part 1 and part 2.  Kelly addresses two writers, Marty Fields and Jacob Stein, who have the audacity to call atheists angry and bitter.  So I will be taking a closer look at her posts here on the blog, and see how devastating the blow that she dealt really is.

Meanwhile, over on the blog of the inimitable Rook Hawkins, he has written a marvelously long post entitled “Which Jesus: A Legend with a Multiple Personality Disorder.”  The thesis?  In order to believe in a historical Jesus, Christians have to pick and choose which gospel verses to believe while totally ignoring most of the rest.  Once I’m done looking at Kelly’s post, I’ll take a crack at Rook’s post.  We’ll see if our young ancient texts expert is simply misguided or if he’s on to something.

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