Daily Archives: January 17, 2008

VJack Strikes Again

VJack, the writer of Atheist Revolution, has struck again with another anti-religion post. Most notable is this paragraph:

Belief in a god (or gods) is similar in the lack of evidence, but different in that it is far more likely to have negative consequences. Maybe you have heard your religious relatives condemn others for not adhering to the same religious beliefs. Maybe you have seen them behave in a manner inconsistent with the religious values they profess. Or maybe you’ve just grown tired of the endless religious violence, the pedophile priests, the holier-than-thou routine, or the utter hypocrisy of it all. In other words, religion is unlike Santa because it divides people and contributes to great suffering.

How many atheist missionaries are there active the world today? How many atheists band together, raise all of the funds necessary for self-sufficiency, and then strike out into a hostile foreign country to help suffering people? Before you think that religion contributes to suffering, ask yourself how many religious people dedicate their lives to helping others.

But he is right in one respect–there are religious people who behave inconsistently with the values that they profess and who condemn others solely on the basis of the faith that they hold. There is religious violence, pedophile priests, and many religious people profess a holier-than-thou routine.

But, at the risk of adopting a holier-than-thou routine, I’m going to ask my central question one last time: How many atheist missionaries are active in the world today? And the follow-up: What are atheists doing to alleviate some of the suffering in this world, aside from trying to blame religion for all of it?