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Proofs #21 and #30 are Up!

I have numerous projects that I’m trying to work on right now, so updating God is NOT Imaginary has been low on my list of priorities. However, I have managed to get Proofs #21 and #30 all set to go.

The reason that I’ve been putting these off is that, in rewriting the proofs, I want to take the time to address the comments I’ve received from the original site. I don’t know why I worried so much. Reviewing the comments thus far from these two proofs, I really haven’t been getting any that are worth addressing. Of course, as I get set to re-do Proof #1 and #2, that may change. Prayer is one of the biggest bones of contention with skeptics and atheists. Perhaps I’ll see some good argumentation there.

One final note: I’ve given up on the Josiah Concept Ministries discussion board idea. Although it seems to get plenty of views, only 3 people have signed up for it–including me. Only I’ve started threads, and one other user has responded only to my introductory post. The third user hasn’t even made a single post.

Therefore, as I finish up proofs, I will be enabling the built-in comments section from Google Sites. Hopefully this will generate some discussion. The same will be happening over at the Are Christians Deluded? site.

Proof #50 is Up!

The first answer, a huge improvement to the original essay from our first site, is up and ready. You may read it here.

The discussion can be found in the forums, right here.

The foundational essays will be tackled next: #1 and #2 (referred to constantly by the author of GII), #7, and #9.